Sightseeing Guides

Sightseeing Roadmaps and National Scenic Routes in Norway contain detailed road maps indicating popular Norwegian attractions, activities and places of interest.


Sightseeing Roadmaps

Detailed road maps with Sightseeing Roadmaps that provide a good overview of the popular tourist destinations. Using descriptive texts and pictures, the Sightseeing Roadmaps indicate spots on the map where you can find attractions, activities and places of interest. It also displays useful road information such as petrol stations and fast charging points, ferry routes, picnic areas and toll booth passings. Sightseeing Roadmaps are perfect for planning road trips in Norway.

Sightseeing Roadmaps can be found in two different versions, but the content is the same. Blue Sightseeing Roadmaps have a large map, perfect for holiday planning. Yellow Sightseeing Roadmaps are designed in a smaller and more flexible format, suitable for use while on the road.

The Sightseeing Roadmaps are available in three languages - Norwegian, English and German.

National Scenic Routes

This map series will enable some wonderful experiences along the selected routes.

The maps indicate spectacular views, nature experiences, attractions, architecture, dining spots, overnight accommodations and places of interest. These are described in the map with text and photos.

The maps have been designed in cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The products are available in three languages - Norwegian, English and German.


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