Trolltunga plateau



Trolltunga is is like a small road plateau, and one of the most spectacular mountain formations in Norway. It stands 1100 masl, approx. 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet Lake in Skjeggedal. People come from all over the world to experience Trolltunga!

The trail is 27 kilometres long, round trip, and starts from Skjeggedal (this is a marked trail from the parking place at Skjeggedal to Trolltunga), leading up into the mountain, with climb of 1000 meters. The hike takes 10-12 hours, including breaks. This is a long and challenging hike. There area signs along the way showing how far you have gone and how much is left. There is also partial mobile phone coverage along the route. From Mågelitopp, you can enjoy the view of Folgefonna National Park. The hike continues through beautiful natural surroundings before you reach the highlight of the trip - Trolltunga - with its fantastic view of Ringadal and Folgefonna.


Remember to bring good hiking shoes and a change of clothes. Use wind- and waterproof outer clothing, as well as a hat, scarf and mittens. Bring a map and a compass, food and drink (remember you have to make the return trip). Remember a flashlight and a basic first-aid kit. The weather can change rapidly, so check the weather report before you leave. Don't go if there is a strong wind, thick fog or precipitation. The area is comprised of steep cliffs without guard rails, so take care. There are a couple of smaller emergency cabins along the route.


The recommended season for hikes to Trolltunga is between 15 June to 15 September. Start early in the morning.


Other nearby activities

The areas around Trolltunga, Odda and Ullensvang have numerous other activities to offer.

Trolltunga Zipline, a 600 meter zipline in 3 stages.

Spectacular climbing in Tyssdalsfjella.

Røldak Ski Centre - one of Norway's best off-piste and free-ride sites.

RIB  -  a fast-moving boat ride through the fjord landscape.

Snowshoeing - a guided three-day trek on snowshoes to Trolltunga.

Agatunet - one of the few preserved Norwegian cluster farms, an idyllic village. Here there are preserved houses from the Middle Ages up to modern times.

Kayaking - come along on a historic kayak trip on Hardangerfjord.

Glacier tours - from May to October, Folgefonni Breførerlag (Glacier Guiding Club) offers guided tours to Folgefonna. Combine a beautiful trek with learning about glaciers.

Waterfall jumping - the taut rope works like a slide with a bungee jump effect when you jump from above the river. The firmly fastened rope ensures that jumpers are suspended just above the river about 5 meters below.



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