The Atlantic Coast 1:250 000 w/booklet Sightseeing Guides Car edition

Road guide for activities, attractions and places of interest.
  • The map covers Kristiansund, Trondheim, Røros, Dombås, Åndalsnes og Molde
  • Overview of attractions, sights and activities for planning.
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Brand Nordeca Konsument
SKU 6026
Map usage In the car, Sightseeing and activities
Series Sightseeing Guides Car edition
Language Norwegian, English, German
Map both sides Yes
Format Foldable
EAN 7046660060261
Destinations Kristiansund, Trondheim, Støren, Røros, Tynset, Dombås, Åndalsnes, Sunndalsøra, Molde
Country Norway
Attractions Trollstigen, Atlanterhavsveien
Material Paper
Scale 1: 250 000
Map size 70x50 cm
Updated 2018
The Atlantic Coast Adventure Guide covers the E6 route from Dombås to Trondheim, the route through Romsdalen from Dombås to Molde and the route from Molde to Trondheim via Kristiansund with detours along the way. The map has 102 attractions, activities and places of interest including: Trollstigen, the Atlantic Ocean Road, Dalsnibba mountain, Nidaros Cathedral, Kvernes stave church, Viewpoint Snøhetta and Ergan Coastal Fort.
Sightseeing maps
Detailed road maps with adventure guides that provide a good overview of the popular tourist destinations. Using descriptive texts and pictures, the Adventure Guides indicate spots on the map where you can find attractions, activities and places of interest. It also displays useful road information such as petrol stations and fast charging points, ferry routes, picnic areas and toll booth passings. Adventure Guides are perfect for planning road trips in Norway.
Adventure Guides can be found in two different versions, but the content is the same. Blue Adventure Guides have a large map, perfect for holiday planning. Yellow Adventure Guides are designed in a smaller and more flexible format, suitable for use while on the road.

The Adventure Guides are available in
three languages - Norwegian, English and German.

Overview map for the series

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