Stavanger Norway series hiking map

Countrywide series with overlapping maps for simple navigation.
  • Scale 1:50 000 in water resistant material
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Brand Nordic Maps
SKU 10008
Map size 70x100 cm
Scale 1: 50 000
Updated 2017
Material Plastic fiber
Map usage Hiking
EAN 7071940100085
Map both sides Yes
Country Norway
Destinations Bryne, Forsand, Jæren, Jørpeland, Klepp, Randaberg, Rogaland, Sandnes, Sola, Stavanger, Tananger, Tau, Tungeneset, Vikevåg, Ålgård
Format Foldable
Language Norwegian, English
Series Norway series
The Norway maps series Stavanger at a 1:50 000 scale is printed on durable, recyclable and waterproof plastic fibre material. The map is suitable for use when hiking, fishing and hunting, and is also used by rescue teams. The Norway map series covers the entire country and is therefore also popular for use on longer treks. The maps overlap, which makes it easy to navigate between the maps.
Norway series
The Norway series is a 1:50,000 map series with information from the Norwegian Mapping Authority. The series covers the entire country and is perfect for longer treks. Each map overlaps the map of the neighbouring region, making it easy to navigate the country. The series incorporates the coordinate system EUREF89 (WGS 84) which is easy to use in combination with a GPS navigation device.

The maps are printed on durable and weatherproof plastic fibre or paper material.
The series is continuously being updated to four different languages: Norwegian, English, German and Dutch.

Overview map for the series

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