Rondane Nord DNT hiking map

Map with Norwegian Trekking Association information about trails and cabins.
  • The map covers Gudbrandsdalen, Rondane nasjonalpark og Rondslottet
  • Scale 1:50 000 in water resistant material
  • Bonus map: Trekanten in Rondane
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Cover image for Rondane Nord 1:50 000 map
Cover image for Rondane Nord 1:50 000 map Back side of cover for Rondane Nord 1:50 000  map Map area for Rondane Nord 1:50 000  map General map example for the map series Nasjonal turistveg Rondane
More Information
Brand Nordic Maps
SKU 2523
Map size 70x100 cm
Scale 1: 50 000
Trails Hiking trails
Updated 2016
Material Plastic fiber
Map usage Hiking, Cross Country
Accommodation Serviced cabins, Unattended cabins, Self-catering cottages, hotels
Bonus map Trekanten i Rondane
EAN 7046660025239
Cabins in the map Rondane høyfjellshotell, Mysuseter fjellosji, Putten Seter, Krokåtbekkbue, Smuksjøseter fjellstue, Rondvassbu, Bjørnhollia, Gråhøbue, Høgrondbue, Dørålseter, Haverdalsseter, Fallet Nordre, Grimsdalshytta, Folldal fjellhotell, Folldal Gruver, Hjerkinn fjellgard, Hageseter, Hjerkinn fjellstue, Hjerkinnhus
Partner The Norwegian Trekking Association
Map both sides No
Country Norway
Destinations Folldal, Folldalen, Grimsdalen, Grimse, Gudbrandsdalen, Hjerkinn, Rondane, Rondane nasjonalpark, Rondslottet
Format Foldable
Language Norwegian, English
Series Hiking maps
The Rondane North Trail Map covers the area between Folldal and Høvringen, including all of the Rondane massif. You can get a panoramic view from the top of Rondslottet mountain at 2178 masl, or bring the mountain closer to you along the narrow Dørålsglupen trail. A well-established network of trails and cabins belonging to the Norwegian Trekking Association will help to ensure a good trekking experience.
DNT hiking maps
This map series was developed in cooperation with The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) and contains DNT trails, cabins and other useful trekking information. A few of the maps also have ski trails.

The DNT maps are published in three different scales (levels of detail).
1:25 000 for more defined and detailed information. Suitable for shorter treks.
1:50 000 is the optimal scale for treks.
1:100 000 offers a good overview of larger areas and is useful when planning trips.

The maps are printed on durable and weatherproof plastic fibre or paper material.
Language: Norwegian and English

Overview map for the series

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