Romsdalsfjella is one of the most fascinating and beautiful trekking areas in Norway, and extends further in toward both sides of Romsdalen valley. This area has the tallest mountainsides in Northern Europe, including Trollvegen and Romsdalshorn, a climbing classic. The area has fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities. Choose between a fjord landscape with sloping mountainsides, forests or beautiful mountain terrain. It is possible to start a hike down by the sea and end up in the high mountains. Or you can hike for days in the mountains further inland. There are many cabins, and several are located by good fishing lakes. Some of the cabins are equipped with both boats and fishing equipment.



Trollveggen (1700 m) is the tallest vertical mountainside in Europe and also Europe’s longest climbing route. This mountain massif partly hangs 50 meters over the mountain wall.



Romsdalseggen, one of the most beautiful mountain hikes according to Lonely Planet in 2011, is visited yearly by about 30,000 hikers. From here, you can see Trollveggen and many other well-known mountains. The trek across Romsdalseggen may be started from Venjesdalen to Åndalsnes. In summer season, there are daily bus departures from Åndalsnes. The hike takes somewhere between 5 and 9 hours, depending on the hiker’s fitness level.


Guided tours: Romsdalsstigen Vestveggen (5–6 hours)

Romsdalsstigen Vestveggen. A hike for thrill-seekers searching for a challenging trek through steep terrain and suspension bridges. The route ends at the top of Nesakla. Vestveggen has difficulty level D on the international Via ferrata scale.


Norwegian Mountain Festival

The Norwegian Mountain Festival is Norway's premier event for those who appreciate the mountains and their natural landscape. The festival focuses on the mountains and simple outdoor life, and aims to raise awareness of the value of the nature that surrounds us, motivating people of all ages to get outdoors. The goal of the Norwegian Mountain Festival is to inspire families with children to experience nature and develop outdoor recreation skills. The mountains and nature represents simplicity, which is important for everyone. Authentic experiences, true joy of nature and true mastery. The mountains offer us better health, better quality of life and new perspectives.



The last of the original wild reindeer in Norway, the Snøhetta flock, lives in the Dovrefjell area. There are approx. 2000 reindeer in Reinheimen during winter. Romsdalsfjella also has large flocks of hoofed ruminant mammals, especially deer. Romsdalen also receives sporadic visits from musk oxen from Dovrefjell. The musk ox descends from the last Ice Age. You can join a musk ox safari, which starts from Dombås.



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