Road map North-Norway North

With petrol and charging stations, rest stops and ferry routes.
  • The map covers Tromsø, Alta, Hammerfest, Nordkapp og Vardø
  • In handy format that fits in the glove compartment
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Brand Nordeca Konsument
SKU 2179
Map size 70x100 cm
Scale 1: 500 000
Updated 2022
Material Paper
Map usage In the car
Accommodation Serviced cabins, Unattended cabins, Self-catering cottages
Attractions Andøya
EAN 7046660021798
Map both sides No
Country Norway
Destinations Tromsø, Alta, Hammerfest, Hånningsvåg, Nordkapp, Vardø
Format Foldable
Language Norwegian, English, German
Series Road maps
Covers the area from Tromsø and eastward throughout Finnmark county.
The road maps and road atlas are perfect for planning your drive and are essential items to keep in the car. The maps include locations for petrol stations and charging stations for electric cars, rest stops, ferry passages, and a selection of natural and cultural attractions. The products are available in
three languages - Norwegian, English and German.

Overview map for the series

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