Preikestolen, 600 masl is Norway’s most popular tourist destination. Trusted  travel guides always mention Preikestolen and Lysefjorden when recommending tours. Preikestolen has been named the world’s most spectacular viewing point by both Lonely Planet and CNN. Each year, more than 300,000 visitors come from all over the world to see this spectacular rock formation. The plateau itself is 25 x 25 meters.



Lysefjorden is a majestic fjord with vertical mountain walls on either side. The landscape is unique, from both a Norwegian and international perspective. However, the Lysefjord area is not just rock, but also an ancient cultural landscape, vibrant farming area and aquaculture. There are delightful hiking loops in a mystical forest terrain, a fairytale forest, moss-covered rocks and idyllic ponds.



In the innermost part of Lysefjorden is the magical Kjerag massif. This is the highest peak along the fjord (1084 masl), and the steep mountainside that drops straight down into the fjord is magnificent viewed from above and from the fjord.



This is not a spot for people with a fear of heights, but some visitors do venture out onto Kjeragbolten, a round boulder that was wedged in a mountain crevasse during the most recent Ice Age. The Kjeragbolten can also be glimpsed by boat.


The plateau itself is located a few hundred meters from the Kjeragbolten. The plateau is a popular site for mountain climbers and base jumpers, where climbers spend several days making their way up the vertical mountain walls. Base jumpers use the plateau for their jumps. People from all over the world come here to throw themselves off the edge and float 1000 meters down toward Lysefjorden.


Hikes around Lysefjorden

the best way to hike Lysefjorden is to start from Forsand (Vinddalen) to Preikestolen.



The hike starts on a gentle slope and continues along an old construction road to the higher fells. The road then continues down to Lysefjorden and Fjørli.



The route is long and starts with a climb of 4444 steps up to Flørli staircase. From the top, follow the trail to Langavatn Tourist Cabin.



It takes quite a while to get from Langavatn to Kjerag. From here, follow the trail to Øygardsstøl. The hike then continues down to Lysebotn. If you prefer not to walk, take a bus or a taxi.



We recommend taking a taxi from Lysefjorden Tourist Cabin to Fyljesdalen where the trail starts. The hike continues to the Songedalen mountain farm, a no-service cabin.



The trail passes several historical farms, and continues down to Songesand. From here, you can either take the ferry or continue on foot on the trail along the fjord. There is a steep rise from Bakken quay to Bakken farm.


Bakken–Preikestolen Mountain Lodge

The trail leads up along “Hoppet” mountain. You can also climb around a steep cliff known as the “Wall of Death”. This is not a dangerous passage, but may be challenging for those with a fear of heights. Along the route you can take a detour across Hengjandenibbå before arriving at Preikestolen.


Other nearby activities

This area has enough activities to last you for days! Swimming, fishing, rowing, berry picking, mushroom gathering, studying plants and wildlife, visiting hiding places from World War 2, and of course, hiking. There is also Norway's second longest zipline, 350 meters long, if you're feeling adventurous. The starting point is from the first plateau on the trail to Preikestolen, with a fabulous view as you hurtle across treetops and cliffs.



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