Lofoten islands


Lofoten is a spectacular archipelago comprised of the islands of Austvågøya, Gimsøy, Vestvågøya, Flakstadøya, Moskenesøya, Værøy and Røst.  Lofoten offers magnificent nature and a vibrant coastal culture. The landscape ranges from dramatic views of the ocean and towering alpine peaks to chalk-white sandy beaches, fishing villages in snug harbours and lush farming villages. Travel by both car and bicycle is easy in Lofoten and the area offers a wide range of activities.


The Midnight Sun

Whether you want to see the Midnight Sun, Northern Lights, or the deep blue light of the polar night, Lofoten is the place to go. The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon, where the sun does not set during the summer months. It stays light 24 hours a day, which may be somewhat disorienting. But when the sun is up, you can play golf, go on safari or go fishing in the middle of the night. The midnight sun is at its peak from mid-May to the end of July.


The Northern Lights

Come along on a guided hunt for the spectacular Northern Lights. Northern Norway is one of the best places to experience the Northern Lights, and Lofoten is located just below the Northern Lights Oval. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a waving light display of various shapes that dance across the night sky in colours ranging from dark blue, green and yellow to pink, red and orange. The best chance of seeing the lights is between October and March.


Fishing Villages

Old Norwegian fishing villages have primarily been based on fishing and other sources of food from the sea. These settlements date back more than 150 years. Lofoten has several old traditional fishing villages, with fishing huts, wharfs and cafés,  including Fusfjord and Bleik.


Cycling Lofoten

Get closer to nature in Lofoten by bicycle. The terrain is flat and easy to ride on. Lofoten has almost only asphalted roads (only roughly 20 meters of  gravel road). Distances are fairly short, so you can make stops whenever it suits you. The distance between Fiskebøl and Å is approx. 160 km along the E10 highway.

A few trip suggestions:

Hoven (368 masl)

A good family-friendly hike starts from the golf course in Hov. The trail is good the entire way, although some sections may be a little steep. If you make the trip in the evening, you can see the Midnight Sun. Approx. 1 hour up.



Take a walk along the old, rolling fishing trail. Approx. 2 hours one way.


Himmeltind - Vestvågøy’s highest peak, 964 masl.

This is a challenging peak hike with a beautiful view, which makes it worth the tough climb. Approx. 5–6 hours up and down.



A varied trek with both steep and easy sections. Along the way you will have a fantastic view of the surfer beach, Unstad. Approx. 2 hours one way.


Other activities and attractions

Visit Reinehalsen, Norway's most famous photo op. Thousands of tourists visit each year to get photos of the village of Reine. Try surfing at Unstad, Northern Europe’s best surfing site. Or go on horseback or on foot to the white sandy beaches of Bleik, Stave or Rambergstranda. Experience the Lofotr Viking Museum, a living museum. Out at sea, you can try sea fishing or diving, go on a whale safari or take a fjord cruise along Trollfjorden.



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