Jotunheimen, the most ruggest mountain range in mainland Norway, borders in the east with Sjodalen and Valdresflye, in the south with Skarvheimen, and in the west and north with Sognefjellet and Bøverdalen. With its cluster of jagged mountain ridges, towering peaks, glaciers and high plateaus, Jotunheimen is one of Norway’s most popular trekking destinations for hikers and skiers alike.

All Norwegian peaks higher than 2300 masl are located in Jotunheimen, with Galdhøpiggen 2469 masl., Glittertinden 2452 masl. and Store Skagastølstind 2405 masl. as the three highest.


Popular hikes

Jotunheimen is perfect for hiking, with its marked and unmarked trails for short family walks, peak treks, glacier tours, mountain climbing, or hikes from cabin to cabin. The hike from Sognefjellet via Fannaråken and Skogadalsbøen down to Vetti is a classic route, while mountaineers prefer Hurrungane. The classic Besseggen hike is one of Norway's longest favourite routes. Approx. 50,000 hikers take this route each year. The route offers a magnificent view of the turquoise waters of Gjende Lake, surrounded by steep mountainsides and the majestic Jotunheimen mountain range in the background.


Good starting points for hikes: Fondsbu, Hjelle i Utladalen, Sognefjellet, Leirvassbu, Spiterstulen and Juvasshytta, Gjendesheim and the parking lot at Grønbu, west of Glitterheim.


In winter, Jotunheimen is a fantastic ski area with tracks to peaks such as Besshø, Høgdebråtet and Høgruta. There are good cross-country trails, as well as alpine slopes not too far away.


For those with an interest in climbing, try the popular climbs to Store Skagastølstind (“Storen”), Falketind and Uranostinden.


There are numerous opportunities for fishing and hunting. In autumn, visitors can pick berries or gather mushrooms, and perhaps encounter reindeer, moose or ptarmigans in the mountain landscape.


Food culture

Jotunheimen is known for its rich culinary traditions. Catering establishments often serve traditional dishes based on old recipes. These dishes often consist of meat, e.g. reindeer, deer, moose and lamb, all of which graze in the mountains. Berries, mushrooms, herbs and vegetables are gathered in the forests and plains in the area and fish is caught in the mountain lakes.


Other nearby activities

Glacier tours - fascinating destinations with crevices, snow bridges and ice caves.

Klimapark 2469 – time travel (7000 years back in time) through an ice tunnel beneath Galdhøpiggen. 50 meters under the ice.

Dog sledding - a fast-paced adventure though the Norwegian winter landscape.

Stegastein - panoramic view, 650 meters across Aurlandsfjorden.

Njardarheimr Viking Village – experience an authentic Viking village, showing how the Vikings lived.

RIB-boat – fjord adventure on Lustrafjorden.



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