Hardangervidda covers an area of approx. 8000 km2 and is Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau.  It has broad plains and rolling hills. In the west, the mountain range is more dramatic. Here are good fishing opportunities, lush flora and various wildlife species, and spectacular waterfalls. The plateau extends from Røldal in the south to Finsedalen near Bergensbanen railway in the north. The plateau is approx. 1100–1200 masl. Hardangervidda’s highest point is Sandfloeggi, at 1721 masl. This is home to the largest wild reindeer flock in Europe, as well as other Arctic mammals and birds such as the Arctic fox and the snowy owl.


Hardangervidda offers numerous opportunities for treks on foot or on skis. There are treks for everyone, from short day trips with the whole family or a challenging mountaintop trek. For those interested in trekking from cabin to cabin, there are many great cabins in the area. There are many marked trails. Summer trails are marked with a red “T”, with cairns along the way.


Some of the most popular hiking routes include: Kinsarvik to Stavali (up through the beautiful Husedalen valley). Hjølmo to Vivelid, Hedlo and Hadlaskard (in from Veigdalen). Trondsbu/Tinnhølen to Rauhelleren or Sandhaug. Halne to Rauhelleren (boat across Halnefjorden). Tuva to Heinseter. Boat to Mårbu from Synken in Kalhovd. Haukeliseter to Hellevassbu and Litlos. Finse to Blåisen. Stavsro to Gaustatoppen.


Good starting points: Haukeliseter, Kinsarvik, Hjølmo, Finse, Trondsbu/Tinnhølen, Halne, Haugastøl, Ustaoset, Tuva, Geilo, Hakkesetstølen, Solheimstulen, Mogen, Kalhovd and Rjukan.


For those who enjoy skiing, Hardangervidda has numerous routes. The trails are flat and easy to ski, and the area offers miles of smoothly prepared tracks. There are also ski runs for loose snow enthusiasts.


The most popular cycling route is Rallarvegen from Haugastøl to Flåm.  This cycling route is a family-friendly classic for mountain cyclists, and is considered “Norway’s Most Beautiful Cycling Route”. Bicycles can be rented at Haugastøl and Finse.         



Cabin standards vary (staffed, self-serviced and no-service cabins). They range from simple stone huts to large staffed lodges with three-course dinners. There are currently around 50 cabins along Hardangervidda. These include both the Norwegian Trekking Association cabins and privately owned rental cabins, Both staffed lodges with full meal services and self-service cabins with food storages.

Suggestions for popular staffed lodges along Hardangervidda: Krækkja, Litlos, Sandhaug, Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge, Kalhovd Tourist Cabin, Mogen Tourist Cabin, Mårbu, Rauhelleren, Gaustatoppen Tourist Cabin, Krokan Tourist Cabin and Solheimstulen.



Hardangervidda is a fishing paradise, with an excellent chance of catching a fine mountain trout. You can also try your fishing luck at Norway's best ice fishing lakes, Møsvatn and Tinnsjøen. Don't forget your fishing license. You can buy one at: Tourist offices, several overnight accommodations, sports stores and petrol stations. Several of the larger lakes on Hardangervidda are regulated.


Hardangervidda Hiking maps


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