Geiranger fjord


The little idyllic village by the deep blue fjord. Geiranger was added to UNESCO’s famous World Heritage list in 2005, and is one of the most visited attractions in Norway. The deep blue fjord and snow-covered peaks have been attracting tourists since the early 1800s.


Geirangerfjorden is 15 km long and approx. 260 meters at its deepest, and the surrounding mountains tower 1700 meters above sea level. Ice Age glaciers carved out the deep fjords and formed the tall mountains that have given Geiranger its spectacular and magical appearance.


The best way to view the fjord is by boat, e.g. local fjord cruise or Hurtigruten, a ship route along the coast from Bergen to north of the Arctic Circle and on to Kirkenes.


In Geiranger, you can see the unique waterfalls “De syv søstre” (“The Seven Sisters”) with a fall height of 300 meters, and the bottle-shaped waterfall “Friaren” (“The Suitor”) with a fall of 275 meters. Along the fjord are also several impressive viewpoints such as Flydalsjuvet, Ørnesvingen (with a good view of Geiranger, Geirangerfjorden and “The Seven Sisters”, and Dalsnibba mountain,1476 masl. Dalsnibba also has the Geiranger Skywalk viewing platform, with its grated floor and glass guard rail. This allows visitors to look right down onto Geirangerfjorden and Blåbreen glacier. The Skywalk gives the viewer a feeling of floating above a 500 meter drop.


Hiking trails

Geiranger has many hiking trails, ranging from waterfall tours to mountaintop routes. The trails in the area are well-marked, and some have signs.

A few suggestions for hikes: Storsæterfossen, 2.4 km, starts from Vesterås farm. Geiranger (Vesterås) to Kaldhusseter, a very challenging 20.6 km hike,.



Geiranger is a fantastic hiking area, with trips ranging from simple family hikes to more challenging mountaintop treks.

You can also try activities such as fishing, paddling or cycling. Looking for something a little more exciting? Try rafting, RIB boats, a fjord safari or climbing.


Overnight accommodation

In Geiranger, you can spend the night in classic hotels, hostels, campgrounds, or in farm cabins out in the country, where you can meet various animals such as llamas, goats and sheep.



Many of the restaurants here serve traditional Norwegian dishes based on local raw goods. There are also other delicious options including local bakeries, a chocolate factory and a brewery.


While in Geiranger, you should also make the trip to Trollstigen, an old mountain pass surrounded by high mountains towering 1600 masl. The road is both dramatic and thrilling, as it winds its way up the mountainside in a zig-zag pattern. Not for those with a fear of heights.


Geiranger Sightseeing and Roadmaps


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