The highest peak in Norway and Scandinavia, with its 2469 meters above sea level, is on most hikers’ to-do lists when visiting Jotunheimen.

The most common starting points for the trek are from Spiterstulen, where you follow the trail and hike across snow up to the top, or from Juvasshytta, crossing Styggebreen glacier before taking the final climb to the top of the mountain. The trek from Spiterstulen is challenging due to the steep uphill climb. The trek from Juvasshytta is easier, but from there, a hiker would require a guide or personal knowledge and the proper equipment. It is crucial that you do not venture up to the glacier without a rope and an experienced guide. The hike takes approx. 7 hours from Juvasshytta and is about 5 km long.


At the top of Galdhøpiggen stands a small, but solid stone hut built in 1975, where you can purchase food, drink and smaller items, and have some shelter from the elements during opening hours. This is the fourth such cabin, and it will hopefully remain standing significantly longer than the previous ones. The first cabin was built by Knud O. Vole in 1888 and was destroyed by a winter storm in 1919. The next cabin “Steinarstugu” was built in 1925 by Spiterstulen. The following year, Juvasshytta took up the challenge and built its own “Volehytta”. The competition between the two lasted until a storm in 1960 destroyed Steinarstugu. In the winter of 1969, the same thing happened to Volehytta. Meanwhile, the shop was run from a tent at the top until the current cabin was constructed in 1975.


Summer Ski Centre

The Vesjuvbreen Ski Centre is a modern ski facility. It has 1 chairlift and 1 slope divided into 25 routes. The hill is well-suited for alpine, snowboard and Telemark skiing. The centre is open from May to the end of October.


Suggestions for overnight accommodations

Staffed cabins: Juvasshytta, Fossheim Hotel, Raubergstulen Tourist Cabin, Spiterstulen and Glitterheim.


Other nearby activities

Galdhøpiggen Climbing Park - 8 tracks (up to 12 meters in height), including a test track and children’s track, with activities for the whole family. There is a zipline and various challenges.

Cave tour - guided tour in Dumdalen.

Glacier tour in Jotunheimen - a trek across Blåisen over Bøverbreen glaciers.

Kayak and canoe rental

Prestfosstraversen Zipline - Zipline in Lom across Prestfossen River.



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