Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, was founded more than 900 years ago, and has its roots from the Viking Age. Bergen is known for the seven mountains that encircle the city, and attractions such as Fisketorget fish market, the Ulriken643 cable car, and the Fløibanen funicular (which takes you to the Fløyen viewpoint). If you are interested in a fjord cruise along the western coast, Bergen is a good starting point.


Byfjellene - City mountains

Byfjellene is one of Norway’s most important recreational areas and offers a variety of opportunities to explore nature and outdoor life. This area has an extensive network of hiking trails, and large cairns show the way across the plateau. The seven mountains include: Sandviksfjellet, Fløyen, Rundemanen, Ulriken, Lyderhorn, Damsgårdsfjellet and Løvstakken.



Bryggen (preserved from the Hansa League period) is on UNESCO's World Heritage list and is one of Bergen’s most popular attractions. Bryggen experienced numerous fires, and the great fire of 1702 left the entire city in ashes. Nevertheless, Bryggen was rebuilt, according to the traditional construction methods of the 12th century. Today, Bryggen offers good restaurants, eateries and shops for both traditional and modern handicrafts.



Take a trip on a cable car up to Bergen’s tallest mountain, Ulriken 643 masl. From the top, there are fantastic views of the city, sea, coastline, fjord and mountains.



Fløibanen is a funicular that takes you up to Fløyen, 320 masl. The trip with Fløibanen starts in the city centre, 150 meters from Fisketorget fish market. Up on Fløyen, you will find several dining facilities, beautiful hiking terrain, bicycle rentals and guided tours.



The Fisketorget fish market has been around since the 13th century, and has been one of the most important trade centres between fishermen, farmers and city residents. At Fisketorget you can buy fresh seafood, fruit, vegetables, berries, local farm products, flowers and plants. Torget is one of Norway's most well-known outdoor markets.


7-Mountain Hike

The 7-Mountain Hike is a hike across Bergen’s 7 mountains. It is 35 kilometres long and quite challenging. The hike was organised for the first time in 1948, with 206 participants. Today, around 8000 people participate in the hike.


Other nearby activities

Bergen Aquarium - Norway's largest aquarium with more than 300 species

Fantoft Stave Church - medieval church, originally built in the 1150s.

Gamel Bergen Museum - experience Bergen in the 1800s with street performers

Botanical Gardens - take a relaxing walk among thousands of different plants

Kode Museum - one of Scandinavia’s largest museums for art, design and music


Bergen Sightseeing and Roadmaps


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