Aurlandsdalen - Norway's Grand Canyon

Aurlandsdalen is an old trade and travel route between East and West Norway, and was likely used as early as the Viking Age. Aurland offers the perfect combination of outdoor recreation and lush nature, with its rushing rivers, abundant wildlife and many cultural heritage sites. Here you can take shorter trips, or hike from cabin to cabin for days. If you have a few days to spare, take the trip from the high mountain terrain of Finse to the lush jungle valley of Aurlandsdalen.


A few trip suggestions:

Finse–Geiterygghytta, 17 km, approx. 5 hours.

The route starts at Finse and heads toward Geiterygghytta. You can also take a trip to the top of St. Pål mountain, 1695 masl.


Geiterygghytta–Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte Østerbø, 21 km

This stretch is quite long with some steep terrain, but the uphill climbs are not too difficult.


Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte Østerbø–Vassbygdi, 18 km approx. 6 hours.

This stretch is one of the most spectacular routes in West Norway, where you are surrounded by lush, wild nature.

The hiking season lasts from June to September.


Other nearby activities

Stegastein - the award-winning viewing platform lifts visitors 30 meters up in the air and 650 meters over the fjord. The experience of the stupendous view and unique fjord landscape is given an entirely new dimension.

Nærøyfjorden - beautiful Nærøyfjorden is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It is narrow, only 250 meters wide at narrowest point, and the tall mountains (up to 1700 meters) that surround the fjord enhance the experience.

Flåmsbanen - one of the world’s steepest railways, was named the “World’s Most Beautiful Train Journeys” by Lonely Planet in 2014.  The trip offers a panoramic view of the Norwegian landscape with its steep mountains, snow-covered peaks and cascading waterfalls.

Gamle Lærdalsøyri - a village of wooden houses with just under 170 buildings in Swiss chalet style, built in the 1700 and 1800s.

Lærdal tunnel – 24.5 km, the world’s longest road tunnel.

Fjord cruise - one of the best ways to experience the fjord.

Borgund Stave Church - church from approx. 1180, with medieval European architecture. 

RIB - a fun and exciting way to enjoy the magnificent natural landscape.

Njardarheimr Viking Village – experience an authentic Viking village, showing how the Vikings lived.

Fjord safari - an encounter with nature out in the fjord. Here you can see seals, porpoises, eagles and otters.

Rallarvegen - Norway’s most popular cycling route is Rallarvegen, from Haugastøl to Flåm. The trip is a family-friendly classic for mountain cyclists, and is considered “Norway's Most Beautiful Cycling Route”.               

Aurlandsdalen Hiking maps


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